You like a good working atmosphere and you’re looking for office space in the heart of Munich? You’ve come to the right place. I’m Uwe Eckhard. My company is called bookwise GmbH and mainly I produce books. Following the sale of part of my company, my colleague and I only occupy one of seven offices. And that’s how the idea for IsarOffices came about. I’d love to share these great rooms with someone else again. It would be a shame to leave them empty and it’s always more enjoyable to have company.

All the spaces have been newly renovated. They are fitted with modern furniture and offer everything you need to work efficiently today. There’s ethernet and additional Wi-Fi with a fast cable link (600Mbit) to the outside, an A3 laser printer that also copies and scans, a large smart TV in the airy meeting room and, perhaps the most important item, the powerful Jura coffee machine. The desks are height-adjustable, so you can also work standing up. Each tenant determines the number of workstations in their room – it won’t affect the price.

Logo Design IsarOffices
Isar Offices entrance

It’s good value for money because renting out office space is not my primary business. For me, it’s all about people and co-working, even if that just means working in the same office and drinking a coffee in the same kitchen. Should any synergies develop beyond that – so much the better. Some spaces are shared – a newly fitted kitchen with a breakfast bar and a large fridge that’s always stocked with plenty of cold drinks, a dining room with a large table, a beautiful inner courtyard with a beer bench and a lounge corner, as well as a sofa and armchair niche plus a dartboard.

The office location – in a beautiful meadow, right on the Isar River and in the middle of the city – can hardly be bettered. It’s fairly quiet, but very close to the happening Gärtnerplatz district; you can easily get there by crossing one of the Isar bridges. Or simply walk up the hill to the beautiful French Quarter in Haidhausen, with its many small boutiques, cosy bars and inviting squares.

Occasionally let your gaze wander via the large windows to the Isar river. It creates a relaxed working environment, especially when the sun turns around the corner in the afternoon, lights up the big trees here on the riverside and makes everything glow yellow and green. You can watch all the strollers, joggers, cyclists and parents pushing their buggies as if from a raised hide. The cars roll past quietly in this 20-kph zone and they only go in one direction.